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epoxy flooring contractors

About Us

 EpoxyFloorNOW, Inc. is a flooring company based in the NJ-NY area and we offer a top of the line resistant Epoxy Flooring for home and business owners. Our mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for Epoxy Flooring services.

  Epoxy Floor NOW, Inc. was created in response to the growing demand in Epoxy Flooring services. We provide quality service that exceeds industry standards. All services are private with economical alternatives.


What is important to us?

Honesty and integrity, fairness, and respect for others. These are the ethical values on which we operate. Improving the quality of your floors is our mission. Our services are reliable and guaranteed on time every time.


If you are looking for experienced and reliable Epoxy Flooring services, look no further, Epoxy Floor NOW, Inc. is here for you. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with excellent Epoxy Flooring services and great value for their money based on request, because at Epoxy Floor NOW, Inc. the satisfaction of our clients is our main focus, always remember that we are the best in the services that we offer, let us help you, and then you can show the world how proud you are. Because We Inspire, Grow and Connect with you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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